Saturday, 3 August 2013

I am now a Pinner. Follow.

So I am the last person in the world to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon it seems.  Oh well better late than never! If any of you know any good style pinterest's that update regularly that I could follow please do comment and let me know taa.

Oh also I have now updated the tabs at the top of my page so you can jump from my blog to my tumblr to my pinterest easier woooooo.


  1. Inspirating pictures!
    OMG Jagger is so young there...
    Love the post!


  2. Sad to say recently I've also been addicted to Pinterest. I could scroll for days! xx

  3. wonderful post, lovely style thanks for sharing

    nice party dresses

  4. For someone who has only just got into Pinterest, you have loads of boards! The girls from Kingdom of Style ( are always updating with a lot of good stuff, and I think it would be your style too. Try looking up Queen Marie on Pinterest and have a nosey.