Monday, 1 April 2013

Thelma & Louise.
Cami and Mom Jeans: Topshop

I bought this outfit quite a while ago with Summer in mind I feel very Thelma and Louise wearing it which is kind of cool. You may have seen me instagram a photo of myself in it when I was trying it on in the changing rooms.  Well I have not had much chance to wear it in this crazy weather but the sun has sort of come out in the last couple of days and with a leather jacket thrown over the top its fine.  Plus I am and have been mostly lazing around indoors this bank holiday reading books (just finished Charles Bukowski's Post Office) and have been buying books on ebay so soon I will be trying to get through Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, Factotum - Charles Bukowski, The 100 year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared - Jonas Jonasson and The Bell Jar  - Sylvia Plath....... So I should be quite an occupied little worm with those until the sunshine fancies coming out properly so I can play!


  1. I totally get the Thelma and Louise chic! Love it! and the nailpolish looks great as well!

    Dress To Cook Blog

  2. I love those jeans, I need a pair!

  3. This outfit is gorgeous, and will be perfect when it warms up and even better without a jacket...hopefully the day will finally come ha x

  4. Love both the top and the jeans! Beautiful xx

  5. Nice, that top is beautiful and so interesting with the block lines of black and white - it looks a bit like duct tape,(but in a chic way obvs haha).

    Daniella x

  6. Lovely outfit! The Jonas Jonasson book is such a good read - hope you enjoy it!

    Heidi x

  7. I love this outfit! The jeans especially. They look a bit like mom jeans, but without being too over the top.


  8. hey girl,
    found you over on chictopia and totally stalked you over to here.
    love your style. i always feel redic in mom jeans but you look so good in them.


    A Gyspi Blog

  9. Norwegian wood is so good and the film is amazing to. I have the movie post cards of the story and the photography is inspirational.
    I love all your outfits.
    Would you ever dye a bit of your hair blue? I've been thinking about and I want to get it done but I'm not sure.
    Amelia x

    1. I did not know there was a film may have to watch it when I have read the book! No I would not dye my hair blue. I have never dyed my hair but if I did I would personally prefer natural colours x

  10. Fab outfit <3
    Ooh I've got The 100 year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared on my Kindle.. must give it a read too :)

    Rosie x

  11. Gorgeous little top, looks lovely with the jeans. I love the Bell Jar, its one of my favourite ever books, hopefully you like it too!


  12. You pull this style off so so well, loving those retro jeans!

  13. LOVE these mom jeans
    Needa pair
    S xx

  14. You totally pull off the mom jeans, they look awesome! love the high waist x

  15. You rock mom jeans so well, I could never pull this off!! Looks fab :) x

  16. Great Post I just love your style!!!

    I hope you can follow my blog!!!

  17. You're absolutely gorge!

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  19. Love this look Charlene! It's really laid-back and refreshing! :) xxx