Friday, 23 March 2012

American Apparel Ads.

I had an email through this morning from AmericanApparel (as I subscribe I think) With a link to their advertisements. I really do love their ads, how controversial they can be and the drama they sometimes cause with all of the nakedness.

Here is a random silly quote I found floating around the internet that I also wanted to share

'They’ve showed pubes and boobs!'

(eeeeeeeek LOL! To whoever wrote that I strongly advise you never ever go to any typical european holiday destination its boobs and pubes galore)

Oh this is not a sponsored post by the way as much as it looks it I honestly do really love these images so I wanted to share some quickly before I go out for the day. I am even thinking of printing some properly to stick on my walls! You can see more of them here


  1. I love the American Apparel ads!! Printing them off for your walls sounds like a really good idea xo

  2. I wouldn't say that I *always* agree with the nudity, BUT to be honest there's so much sexualisatioin in advertising it's not worse or better than anyone else. What I DO love is the personality each ad offers - i love the introductions to staff members. The company seems like a big, dysfunctional family.

  3. Love the first section of ads, having modelled for AA when I was just 15 I would say that sometimes it is a bit much... The images can look a tad seedy? But they're so standard AA now that we're probably all a bit desensitised by it. Anyway... they're clothes rock and that's what matters!