Sunday, 11 March 2012


I am often asked about different places to shop online.

So I am making lists on the sidebar of my blog indicating my favourite places to shop online. I want to do this for myself as well as I always miss out some online stores when I am shopping at home, not all online shops will be on the list as I personally do not find all shops (particularly certain high street chains) to my taste.

Anyway I have probably missed about a million good’uns so if you have any suggestions for my shopping sidebars please comment and let me know so I can add them! They do not have to be well known they just have to sell cool clothes/shoes/accessories be it vintage, designer or affordable


(edit) If they are not UK Stores, they need to be easy to ship to the UK and do not have expensive custom charges)


  1. Replies
    1. As mich as I would love to add that one, Its too much hassle for UK shoppers the custom charges are ridiculous

    2. hmm good point! still nice to browse tho :)

  2. Thats a great idea! A few suggestions from my bookmarks bar; Missguided, Sugarhill Boutique, Batoko and Dahlia. :-)

    rachelpan xo

  3. great initiative, love the idea.

    Only places I also browse and shop which aren't featured are the likes of Sugarhill Boutique, Romwe, Virgos Lounge, Bershka xx

    1. Ohhh never heard of Vigos Lounge before thankyou!!!

  4. and Regal Rose have pretty cool jewellery. Youreyeslie and lazy oaf?

  5. Lavish Alice, Pull and Bear, Temporary Secretary, Olive, Dolly Bow Bow, Vivien of Holloway.


  6. Love that you decided to add them to your sidebar! I will definitely be coming more to your blog because of this! Makes it so much more easy for me to shop online because I always miss out other shops! Love this! x

    - Ally @ Styled With Leather

  7. or :)
    or one of my favourite czech cool eshop:

    Hey my last post ,,Cats" is about you too! I love you. :* ->

    xoxo Mia (czech struttlover)

  8. Cool idea!

    In case you don't already know these:

    Have fun browsing! :)

  9. It was about time someone did this :)
    A small shop from Germany selling sweet, funny jewlery.

  10. (this is my fave, takes awhile for delbecause its all handmade and there is custom charges but its worth it!)

    thats all i can think of at the mo, i have loads though so ill leave more when i remember :)

  11. Hi Charlene, I just wanted to let you know about Hero & Cape ( hope you and your readers like their shop! xxx

  12. We Are Cow is one of my faves for vintage :) such great dresses etc if you've not checked it out before:
    Martha x

  13. Have you seen the new fashion search engine yet? Lethal on my bank account!

  14. Have you seen the new fashion search engine yet? Lethal on my bank account!