Monday, 13 June 2011

It's Been Emotional..........
(Image Heavy)

Just a selection of pics from my weekend at Isle of Wight festival. I went with my BFFs Kylie and Jess and had an amazing time!

-We got lost in Portsmouth on the way. An old builder tried climbing in the car when we asked for directions then we missed our ferry because he told us the wrong way! (We got one later)

-We stayed in Purple Haze (galangalangalang) Campsite

-We watched (Off top of my head)Kings of Leon, Foo Fighters (Dave Grohl eee), Pulp, Seasick Steve, and Joan Jet

-We Drank Pimms and lemonade, Morgan Spiced and Coke and Cider (and got drunk)

-We Ate, Fajitas, Burgers, Doritos and Ice-cream (very healthy)

-We danced to old school tunes like T-Rex and The Kinks in the Hip shaker lounge

-We experienced every weather condition known to mankind. I came home sun burnt from the sun and soaking from the rain.

-We shopped around the Vintage and hippy market stalls every morning!! And bought matching floral velvet bags, Bracelets with bells on and beads

-We ear wigged our tent neighbors stories about the boys they snogged the night before

-We saw human fairies with their boobs out frolicking around the fields

-We flicked mud up everyone in the car (Got stuck because of the rain) (poor fellas) And screamed the whole way until we got out of the mud (literally slid everywhere thought I was going to die


Oh I do have some colour versions of these pics on my tumblr


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! Gutted I'm not going to any festivals this year :( Ahh well maybe next year! :)

    Rhiannon xo

  2. Happy that you had a blast at the festival. And do you know how decadent that jacket is? Love it!

    ♥, Jamie

  3. So jealous you got to go to IOW, I was watching the coverage whilst at home and it looked amazing!
    You have some fabulous festival style, your fur jacket is stunning xoxo

  4. wow looks like you had an amazing time, i'm well jealous! x

  5. You all look fabulous!So nice to see you maintain an air of glamour whilst enjoying the festival festivities : )x

  6. I'm so jealous! You all look amazing, if I go to a festival i end up looking like a zombie hah, sounds like you had a lovely time! :Dxxx

  7. hahhaha i love this post , its so funny. love you and your two friends outfits. I went to see Kings of Leon recently at Slane was particularly impressed to be honest but your so right about david krol eee! he is amazing!

  8. wow! it looks like you had so much fun! and your outfits are awesome xx

    Meena xx

  9. You and your beautiful friends are so achingly cool, i love it. x

  10. You and your freinds look beautiful in these photos! So jealous of your ability to look amazing while at a festival!

  11. wauw i love your blog, definitely going to follow!!

  12. Great pictures! Sound like you had an awesome time. I'm from portsmouth, just to let you know haha :) you girls all look really chic!

  13. This looks incredible - I'm so envious!!
    The pictures came out beautifully,

    Rosie x

  14. looks like fun! i love what all you guys wore too

  15. wow , i love this look <3
    your style your picture are so amazing !
    now i'm your follower :)


  16. love these pictures! festivals are the best!

  17. I love your pictures, and the fuzzy jackets. Looks like you had a splendid time.
    i will (follow) you in to the dark.

  18. So jealous of the fact you got to go! Loooks like you had an amazing time, the photos are great! xx

  19. Looks like you had an amzing time! You look lovely as always! x

  20. you look dam,n wonderful wow i love festivals your blog rocks style wise!

    id love to invite you to visit my blog if you like it maybe we can follow each other?