Monday, 13 June 2011

Isle Of Wight Baybee!!!!!!……………………..

Fur Coat: Ebay, Vest: C/O Motel, Shorts: C/O Motel, Suede Fringe Bag: Topshop, Wellies: Hunter

Hi. I’m home from Isle of Wight Festival. Had a wonderful time but now I have a horrible cold. EEEeeee I have so much to say so little time. Just posting a quick outfit today but will post some pics of my weekend later on today or tomorrow when I have gone through them all.

Right off to wash the dirt out of my hair! Smells like a dream


PS OMG I lost my beloved Black felt boater hat that I wear ALL.THE.TIME on my first day! Had a cry as I feel bald without it because it’s my signature really and it always makes or should I say made me feel cool L RIP Boater I will miss you dearly!!


  1. really loveeeeeee ur fur coat!

    kiss dear

  2. truly one fierce outfit dear! LOVING everything about it! your fur coat is divine! Sorry to hear about your hat, I'm sure you will find a great replacement :)

    x Lauren

  3. You look fabulous!Hope you had a killer time!Boooo to the hat, you'll find a new one that you'll equally love just as much :) x

  4. You look ah-mazing! Glad you had a good time! Sucks to hear about your hat though, hopefully you'll find one just as nice! xx

  5. That jacket is so decadent, love it. I'm sorry to hear about your hat and that you have a cold! Feel better, sweetie!

    ♥, Jamie

  6. love your outfit :) sorry about the hat :( its horrible when you loose stuff X

  7. You look so incredible! The jacket combined with the lipstick is the ultimate combination <3


  8. Lucky you!
    Loving the look festival done well!


  9. I NEED YOUR FUR COAT!!!loveit xx

  10. oh my gosh! im so jealous you're at the IOW festival!
    ahh! beautiful outfit!
    Krissy xoxo

  11. Oh no your hat!!!! :(( I always hate it when I lose or break something (thank god it doen't happen often)! Hopefully you'll come over it soon and find an equally cool boater!!!

    At least you had a great time at the festival!

  12. OMG! your fur coat is AMAZE!

    here's a replacement hat:

    Jen xx

  13. I feel your pain about the hat! I had a series of disasters at Glastonbury last year - my favourite sunglasses got borrowed and then lost, the replacement pair I bought got crushed by the same person that lost the first pair, the necklace my boyfriend bought me for my first anniversary broke and got lost, and then I sixty quid stolen (and my toilet roll - what the hell?!) hope you find a replacement asap! Cant believe how lovely you look at the festival, I looked like a tramp...

  14. You look awesome, i love your style x

  15. great pics and nice outfit
    Shall we follow each other (via google friends)? Would mean a lot to me :) . Let me know