Tuesday, 17 May 2011


No fashion pics for you today sozzle.

And changed my font slightly for this time only coz I want it to be easy to read as its a ready kinda post

So today I got up nice and early. Not for work but because I had to go to the dentist (my worst nightmare) (Well one of my many worst nightmares) (I’m a Nightmare) (They didn’t come near me this time, so I didn’t kick or anything) (They hate me) Anyway as I was up bright and early, went on twitter as usual to catch up with you little monkeys and was inspired.

Last night I felt a bit blah (Going through a lay in bed, Eat things cheese flavoured or with cheese in them, watch films and cry at them stage) (YEH YEH) as I still live at home and cant afford to move out despite always being busy working and working on things etc and as well I just generally want some excitement as I am getting on a bit (Ill be 24 on the 1st of June Arghhhh. I’m still 12 in my head)(When did this happen, gone too quick). And then (I think it was fate) Laura tweeted about Bucket Lists or something and that she was going to do one. Now call me slow but I didn’t know about these and never thought about it either. It's just a list of things you want to do before you die (or before you are 30 in this case) (Easier) or goals you want to achieve etc. So now I am sitting down at my desk (even though meant to be sewing for ma Etsy that is late)(See I need goals!!) (I’ll Sew after) So yeh I’m sitting at my desk like I just said and thinking of what to put, I might do 30 things is that too much? Some can be small I guess like go skinny dipping LOL (Dunno if I’ll do that but it’s the first simple thing that came into my head as an example) And some big like go on a road trip across America (Or at least a little bit of it)(DEFO WANT TO DO THAT)(WILL BE ON MY LIST FO SHO) and Obvs another will be too move out!! (That needs to be done sharpish though) And I want a 70’s kitchen with a fugly patterned floor and beads hanging down the doors lol)(DON’T WORRY my interior ideas change daily) (Going off the subject oops). So yeh I wanted more ideas of fun things to put down to ‘spice up my life’ (I’m so cool) Google was annoying me with all the buy this book for ideas business so thought Id ask you lot!


What do you want to do before your 30? (Or 40 if your already 30) Etc (I love a bracket) I need ideas!!!



  1. what a lovely idea! i really want to travel around America in a car and go thrifting before im 30:) thanks my one massive wish!
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  2. what a good idea. . . i really need to do this..

    -photography course
    -zumba classes
    -hot air balloon ride

    these are the first three random things that came into my head!

    ck :) x

  3. Eeeek.!! Just spotted the tweet...i love it.!! Nice to be inspirational to someone other than myself.!! can NOT wait to head home after work at get mine started...i'll deffo be sharing.!!

    Oh..& I'm with you on the on the road trip over America..route 66 baby.!! I'd love to just stand in the middle of the road *on that piccy above* and just scream.!! pull over..have a picnic.!! not a car in sight...outfit of the day on the highway..Ahhhhh complete bliss.!!

    (you could even take your sewing with you..lol)

    L.O.V.E (@Lv_t)

  4. hum, i really like this idea, but I would spend forever thinking up amazing ideas and not doing them haa.
    however, i have a couple of things I want to do before i die.
    one being slapping someone across the face (obviously not randomly, im not even a violent person at all, i just want to know what its like?! help, im a weirdo :|)
    another thing I want to do, is either run/swim or do some sort of sponsered something or other to raise money for a charity. (see im not all bad! ha)
    andddd, finally i want to run on custard, apparently if you run fast enough you dont sink! ha :D

  5. amazing idea, i have thought about this a lot since seeing the film The Bucket List
    mine are:

    travel around the world, not sure exactly where yet but i want to be gone for a min of 4-6month

    learn how to swim
    then, just off a boat into the sea (always wanted to do that)

    live in london, even if its just for a year or two

    kill a moth (i have a phobia, catching/touching one is too far but i at least want to be able to get close enough to kill one so i dont have to rely on dad to come kill them for me all my life)

    do a jewellery course/learn how to silversmith
    and then create at least one piece of my own jewellery with said new skills.

    thats all i have at the moment, it will slowly get longer :)

  6. well i want to ride on a harley davidson on route 66.i dont want to drive by myself i just want to sit in the back and enjoy the wind and the surrondings around me as i move with a lot speed :)

    and i also want to learn how to dive and then dive in all 5 big oceans and see a lot turtles,whales and sharks.

    i want to jump out of a airplane and skydive.......oh there are so many things i want to do :)
    i hope you got a little inspired ;)

  7. Great idea! Well I'm well past 30 lol! I've already travelled quite a bit and lived abroad and I think that should be the first thing you should do if you can! so many things I still want to, like create more art and maybe start selling it!

  8. Yeah I did this ages ago 'things to do before 25' and didn't do much ....BUT I will be doing one before I'm 30 (which is not far off). It is a great idea and I think more than anything gives you a focus, I think you can get easily lose along the way.

    I think this is a great thing to start before the summer. One of mine is to get a tattoo, spent so much time thinking about it that I don't have one hahaha.

    Hope your okay sweetie and look forward to seeing your list xxxx

  9. Ha, loved reading this! Brackets are clearly the way forward ;)
    In general, I want to travel as much as possible but as for an actual list, god I should write one. Besides travel and places, off the top of my head I'm thinking: go white water rafting (always wanted to!) and do something amazing for charity.

    Rosie x

  10. I want to graduate from college, get a short story published, and move to California. The moving to California part will also be the road trip part, obviously. But in truth, all these things might be happening in the next year!

    Love your use of parentheses

  11. I have a list which is '16 things to do before I turn 16'. I have 2 years left and i've done 3 of the things... I want to get it done but I have no motivation and the things are pretty stupid.
    I definitely want to road trip around America but i'm too young, sigh.

  12. I have always wanted to visit Europe! (All of it!) And have my own business...not sure if any of it will come true, but if you ever do make it to America, you can always stay with me when you get to Texas. (Not as exciting as New York or LA, but between the 2 of them...)

  13. By the age of 40 I want to visit Greenland, start a clothing line, and write a sci-fi book. Boom!

  14. as long as we aspire to learn as much as we can everyday.....i think that is the sign of a meaningful life.

  15. I make yearly lists, My most recent had things from buying a new pair of shoes to getting my right nipple pierced - both of which i have done successfully. How about...fishing?

  16. all i want to do is move to india. specifically to orccha. and also start my own business, maybe a hen farm, one of this organic farm they call it? whatever. oh and also create dog houses, i don´t know how you call it in english, but places for dogs who don´t have a home, poor babes... thats all