Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Stolen Girlfriends Club Autumn/Winter 2011

Images: Fashionising

The Stolen Girlfriends Club A/W collection is pretty much the best thing I have seen since sliced bread! Or at least the best thing in a while. I must have looked at it 20 times already.

I actually forgot chokers existed, I haven’t worn one since I was ten! So because of the nostalgia I feel after seeing them here you can expect me to be donning a choker in the near future. I quite like the layered socks too or are they cut offs from the bottom of tights? Who knows but they are a great idea

On another note I have been getting quite a few questions from ya’ll lately mostly regarding the clothes I make. Yes I do make my own patterns I make everything from scratch, either by draping or flat pattern then cut and sew. I have an Honours Degree in Fashion Design so I got skillzz.

I am hoping to be selling a few bits in the future I am currently in talks to start up a small label/ Etsy Shop with a friend next year and am thinking of starting my own blog shop selling one offs and Vintage but nothing is set in stone

If you do have any questions about anything and everything you can ask me here

See ya L8er Boiz xx


  1. I love stolen girlfriends club-

    Great collection :)

  2. love the 2d outfit soooooo much!!!!!!!

    amazin style:))


  3. i love this brand, and the name itself!

  4. totally love stolen girlfriends club!

  5. love this collection and the styling is awesome!

  6. pretty incredible the last look (wish i could pull off those knit shorts!)

  7. llooovee these! their styling is such an inspiration <3


  8. That fur shirt is crazy, but so hot!

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