Saturday, 10 October 2009


I found a little shop I did not know existed down a street called Broadway market in London (I have forgotten the name of it). Anyway I am not actually from London just happen to be there everyday for an internship so I am beginning to make little discoveries beyond the obvious Oxford St, Camden, Brick lane etc etc. Usually when I go to London I stop by a little stool just before Carnaby Street to pick up rarer magazines that cannot actually be bought where I live.  But the shop I found yesterday stock even more and the covers are not ruined and rained on.  Anyway I’m rambling on a bit now so ill wrap this up. I bought the magazine LET THEM EAT CAKE and I have to say I really enjoyed it and am a bit gutted that I never knew it existed before.  As described on the magazines website it is ‘a quarterly fashion magazine, published by The Mushrooms Group. Let Them Eat Cake features the next generation of the fashion industry. It is a platform for new talent, those in transition from previously working behind many of the worlds foremost photographers, stylists, and hair and make-up artists.’ I do suggest that if you get a chance definitely check it out, I read things I have never read before saw some beautiful/inspiring images and even learnt a few things.

Images: Scanned from Let them eat cake issue 13


  1. Love love love that leopard print photo - oh to live in that amazing world of leopard print!

    Love TBAG xxx

  2. I agree with the first user, I loove that leopard parttern!

  3. i like the older photos so u will apear inthe next post of my blog
    xoxocan u comment back? my blog is new its about street style.!!
    xoxoso suscribe too ;D

  4. great photos!!!

    thanks for your comment :) i'm generally not a fan of creepers, but garance dore TOTALLY rocks them (i think they're jeremy campbell?)

  5. Hmmm... I wonder if that magazine is available here in the US. These photos are all GREAT!